February 26, 2008


It seems that I am not the only one who believes in Hype.

HYPEDISS is a cool version of delicious but only about stuff that people really think that is hype and good enough to be “hyped”.

check it out: http://www.hypediss.com/ and hype.


JUNO MOVIE. A deep analysis about hype, semiotic and marketing. Why JUNO is the best marketing strategy of 2008?

February 20, 2008

Why Juno and flannel plaid shirt is the most hyped thing right now

Everybody likes to be cool and Juno is the coolest movie of 2008 so far.

Why? I tell you why.

juno poster


First of all, the movie was a big success on blogs because the writer is a girl who has a blog, plus she was a stripper. Both qualities are about exclusion. And when they get together you have a whole world made of people who are excluded that couldn’t do anything else except grab it and defend it as their own lives.


Everybody knows that a short time ago “bloggers” were a bunch of young people with a lot of free time and no important job enough to have a real “space” to say what they think. And strippers, without a space in society, became something bad that you could buy on a video tape and hide in your closet.

But then everything changed. Bloggers are the youngest people with the best jobs and strippers have become hostesses of tv shows or protagonists of documentaries on cable tv, theme of gym market classes, or even friends of Oprah. And everybody loves them, everybody goes after them. And the most important: everybody listens to them and believes them.

So, what could be more perfect than a stripper who has a blog writing a script for a successful movie, telling about a young 16-year-old girl pregnant from old times?

Reply: An independent movie with a good soundtrack consistenting of independent bands and a wardrobe with flannel plaid shirts!


Let’s face, this movie has the perfect key to conquer weird young people with an iPod and a fast broadband internet.

This movie is about THIS GENERATION. But not the WHOLE generation, only about the HYPE GENERATION.

The movie shows clearly the conflict between hype-indie-cool people (Juno, a girl who wears boys’ jeans, has a ponytail, dirty sneakers and doesn’t care about vanity and insists to be independent even when she has to decide about a human being’s future) and the rich-boring-polo t-shirt-conservative-squared people from the other side (the couple, who lives in a huge fancy house, wears blue and pastel color clothes, and in reality they don’t like their life style).


juno couple2

Does it remind you of something? Oh, of course it does. It reminds of the old war between who you are and who everybody would like that you would be. Young people live that nowadays as their own routine.

A dialogue in the movie shows exactly that when Juno describes about her school colleague that belongs to the American football with his cool jacket that has the team’s name on it and should be going out with the perfect-straight-blond-hair cheerleader girl but what he really would like to do is to go out with indie-alternative-excluded-girls like her.

juno girl

juno cheerleader

Or even the biggest character played by the husband, Mark, who is an, of course, advertisement-musician guy but is stacked to his perfect-addicted to shop-wife (I bet she works as Human Resources in a big company) who doesn’t allow him to play his guitars and says “Your shirt is stupid. Grow up”, referring to his cartoon-band shirt while he is too busy trying to decide between the cheesecake or eggs crème paint colors for walls. But the truth is that his whole life is in boxes piled up in the basement.

juno painting

juno mark

juno guitars

Do you really think that he felt in love by Juno because she is nice and her androgyny and CD’s confused his feelings? Or because he sees himself as he would like to be before what he became? How many people do you think could see themselves in her watching the movie? Or even how many people actually did see themselves in the husband?


The strategy here is about to cover up every possibility of identification through the movie story. Juno has 16 and Mark has around 35. That makes possible to people to see themselves at some point during the movie. All characters have peculiar qualities. The shy-determinate boyfriend, Juno the crazy precocious girl trying to find her own personality, Mark an “old-guy” trying to rescue his personality, Vanessa the woman suffering with her age coming on a middle-age-crisis, or Vanessa and her mother feeling going away as the time goes by and the candles on the birth cake burns down, the cheerleader who is perfect but rather to walk around with a weird but very unique friend who has the personality that she hasn’t, the group of boys running together to feel part of something, Juno’s father who has to rise a teenager daughter by himself because the wife has left them, the stepmother trying to be a mother of someone else’s child. Everybody can find  their own egos on the screen eventually.  


Should I tell more?

Ok, if you don’t like psychology let’s talk about marketing.

Juno is the perfect portrait of an indie-alternative young person. She stays the whole movie wearing a flannel plaid shirt or a striped shirt, both are the fashion items in the market nowadays, symbol of indies and alternative style. She and her friend wears huge 70’s sunglasses that are very fashionable rigtht now. Everybody wants to have one of those if they already don’t have it. She has a weirdo – but considered very good – taste for music and cinema. She likes punk, old rock, she quotes at least 4 cool bands during the movie.

juno shirt 1


juno style 2
juno striped
juno sunglasses
. .
juno sunglasses2

White Stripes, Iggy Pop, Patty Smith, Sonic Youth, The Stooges, The Velvet Underground, Runaways. Band that you probably have seen playing in the same concert recently.

juno cat power

Alternative bands in the soundtrack like Cat Power, Belle & Sebastian, The Kinks, or the main music from Moldy Peaches that will become the next big thing for downloads on the internet, and trash movies like Wizard of Gore, would be all a joke a short time ago if wasn’t MySpace and Youtube among others.

juno wizard of gore

Both tools are more than internet devices. They provide an alternative for alternative and anonymous people to show their real or even the “wannabe” face, they allow people to be part of something, some group, community, to share the same friends profile, to search for common (bizarre) interests, and somehow to feel not a lonely weirdo anymore, encouraging them to put their stuff on the web and spread around creating a new concept of beauty, music, sense and of course staring the new cools known until now as “freaks”.

Trash movies are cool now because a lot of people always wanted to make movies, but only Hollywood could make it before YouTube. Now, a hand-cam and a cracked Pinnacle in your computer and you can be the new Tarantino or Sophia Coppola, and then trash movies step out from the last place in the list to the first art of the world. Because trash is cool and accepts you with your skills and a camera. The same thing goes with music. Now a garage, a microphone and a profile on MySpace and you can share your attitude worldwide. And then, the next thing you know is Artic Monkeys or Cansei de Ser Sexy on first place at Billboard List of the most famous internet and worldwide artists ever without spending a penny. So, alternative-indie garage rock is cool, because you can be cool too no matter what or how.( Take as reference Chris Crocker who become famous worldwilde day by night after his video crying and asking to people to stop bug Britney Spears. Now he is a celebrity on MySpace.)

chris crocker

Those advices had become the new Pop Art where the essence goes away at the same time you feel stronger and has more confidence about who you are or would like to be. Warhol already knew that and now everybody does as well.

warhol 2

Then, Juno-like trash-movies like Dario Argento and Suspiria. They watch a very bloody and bizarre terror movie (just like Tarantino`s references). Her bedroom has the new cool art – graffiti – all over the walls. Her kitchen looks exactly like “The Wonder Years”, which is very familiar for all 20-year-olds people nowadays and they all miss that for sure as the trends say. Her socks are striped and colorful.

. .

She has vinyl’s on the floor and the best marketing catch – The Hamburger Phone, that Ebay is flooded with offers selling that. Actually, to promote the movie the studio has sent this phone to critics as part of the marketing strategy. And now everybody wants to talk on a hamburger sandwich. How cool is that, right?

juno phone

juno phone2

But she isn’t the only cool character in the movie. Mark, the husband, is the young-indie-guy grown. He has guitars, cool old bands t-shirts (which ironically his wife wears the same t-shirts to paint the room and makes it dirty), he reads Japanese cartoons, is a freelancer who works in advertising and of course, has a “place in downtown. A loft.” As his wife said: “Aren’t you the cool guy, hã?”.

vanessa juno

Anyway, as you can see Juno is the coolest movie of 2008 so far because obviously it has all the trends and quirky stuff and put together in a story that every post-teenager would see himself in. Like the first fears and changing big situations of life (first sex time, first bad decision such as pregnancy, face the family, face the opinion of school and friends, find the type of personality, the experimentations, first love, first deceptions…)

This movie is the biggest strategy so far because instead of to sell jeans or perfums for this target, it sells a GENERATION through a script on a screen.  The movie could be a jeans or a new cell phone, but here is the magic, people here don’t consume “the movie” as an experience as movies does often. But they consume THE MOVIE as A PRODUCT. The music, the clothes, the style, the sunglasses, the attitudes, every single detail put in the movie is a product that is consumed and will be as people see it and go right after the session to search for it or to incorporate.

In the place of a ordinary brief to sell a soap or a new electronic device for post-teenagers and young people, A/B, who likes music, has internet and stays connected at least 10 hours a day, goes to concerts, has freaks friends and like to be tuned on everything, the brief was to sell a generation that could allow everyone sees a little bit of their personalities or conflicts on some character and then to get closer of their screened lifestyle  so, that way they can consume what the characters consumes. 

Here it goes, the explanation why the movie began in 7 theaters an in a short time was in more then 2000 places. Because they put an advertisement on TV? Because they invest a thousand millions of dollars in a monkey strategy to sell a cool movie using cool ads? No. It’s because they used the feeling of identification and the talking to promote that. Monkey see, monkey does. People see, people talk. People buy. Buzz was the real strategy.

What happened? The movie has 3 indications for Golden Globe and  4 indications to Oscar, including the best movie (which is obviously won’t win, after all if it does, it goes against the independent-strategy-thing. It’s like good bands that used to play in their garages and made marketing by themselves, through internet and by make people trust on them, and suddenly they get a contract with BMG recording…it seems like…a  betrayal). The movie has been talked in all blogs (of course, if a blog writer could done such a big movie, every blogger can) and the best part, the writer now is in a project with SPIELBERG for a TV show called UNITED STATES OF TARA. (can you imagine someone better to make mainstream than Spierlbeg?).

The concept of the movie in a whole is very good and easy going but equally very weird, but as Juno said herself: “normalness was never our thing. Indeed it wasnt until now.


Keywords: Juno movie, analysis, semiotic, music, character, cool, hype, alternative bands, web narcissism, teenagers, release, critics.


New Raver, 90’s, fruits and colourful people.

February 14, 2008

This is the next past.

A long time ago they used to be called “freaks”, then electronic music came and they became “ravers”, but the electronic music and ecstasy died and they turned into “ridiculous” and dust. BUT now, it seems they are hyper than ever.

Here it goes the “NEW RAVERS”. No one knows exactly where they came from, but the truth is Japan is full of them. Fashion market for normal people has taken a little bit inspiration from them and the new collections for summer, at least in Brazil, are about COLOURS. Primary colours and a lot of attention.

In music, Cassette Playa and especially Klaxons recently came with all noise and psychedelic video clips. A lot of neon, bright colours and a strange behavior. They are famous worldwide and people has been talking about them everywhere mostly because of their sexuality equally “neon”. In the end they only brought together the 70’s show breaks with neon lights from snooker bars plus cocaine


Rayban got into this new wave too and released a new revisited collection of sunglasses from 80’s, with real colours like red and white. Of course, the not-so-cool actress from hollywood, Chloë Sevigny, has appeared right after wearing rayban, and now, she is the coolest actress ever just because she doesn’t know how to choose what goes with her face and what doens’t. with a litle help from a unreleased sex scene from The Brown Bunny. Magazines calls that cool. Facebook people take picture with fake versions and subtitle their cool.

rayban section

rayban e chloe

In Japan they are more known as “FRUiTS”. Excentric people who make their own clothes and do everything to make it unique and…weirdo. FRUiTS is a monthly magazine published by photographer Shoichi Aoki in Japan. It started in 1997 after Aoki noticed a new trend in fashion among young people in Harajuku. Instead of a fashion trend that was dictated by designers, this was a trend started by the young people themselves. Which in America they known that too as Halloween Costume.



In Argentina, Tomi and Cherry has released a new collection based specially on that trend. As you can see Kubrick could make these backstage his new clockwork orange.





And don’t forget about your hair, this is very important no matter what. A lot of hair dye companies has been lauching new products on new colours besides of your grandma options. Jeans colour, Special effects are very famous among young people just because they have neon colours that can make you look like a Pikachu. Happy and shinning.



So, to make yourself new rave follow the hot-topics bellow:

– anything between grey and brown won’t make you look like them. imagine a disco and there you are.

– remember the CMYK stuff. dye clothes with those colours and you will be “in”. remeber your dad’s suit? dye clothes on these colours and you will be “out”.

– make combinations and ask to someone. if you get something like “it is horrible/it doens’t goes with/are you insane/my eyes, my eyes!” you have a new raver outfit.

– Set free your nerd side. Remember Atari pixel characters? Print on your shirt. Many of the prints were inspired by retro video games, Japanese manga cartoons and European graffiti. Everybody can be an artist, ask help of your 3 years-old nephew, he will rock.

– Don’t forget this is about to be unique. This is a narcissist trace, they like to be seen and no matter what you think at same time they are trying to get opinions around.


Keywords: New ravers, neon, fashion, trends, exotic, narcissist, self-affirmation, fruits, japan, bizarre, psychedelic.

Hype my ass

February 13, 2008

This is why I love internet world

So by definition according to Urban Dictionary, the hottest dictionary online ever, hype is:

1. hype
A fad. A clever marketing strategy which a product is advertized as the thing everyone must have, to the point where people begin to feel they need to consume it.
Millions of suckers fell for the hype and bought a Playstation 2

I won’t even comment about the example they gave ‘cos it is absolutely true. And the saddest part of it, or no, is that I went 4 years to university to learn about it. To make my life or other’s life something so grey and boring that could only be saved if you buy something for you and so you would be special. Blahblah.

Ok, that is very dramatic and polemic. But the real thing is: that is the truth.

But then, a lot of blogs made the internet a free space to talk about what is new, what is different, what is the next, who is cool and who is not. I know at least 15 websites that could make you feel special by send a picture about what you ate at last breakfast. But here is different. I wanna make it better and cool. Because I believe in hype. When everybody says that skinny jeans and wig is so last week ‘cos it is mainstream now, I say WHY those stuff has become popular among people and why probably I will see you wearing something like that soon.

If you have any thoughts, pictures, information, comments that you would like to share and help this become the coolest blog ever, please, let me know. Otherwise, take a glass of water and enjoy reading about why we believe in hype.